He’d like to teach the world to sing

Given what else we know about him, it’s hard to think of Bill Clinton as a man of profound spiritual understanding.  In fact, it’s hard to take him seriously at all.  He’s a sexual predator, a political criminal, and one of the phoniest people in public life.  But there he is today, at the Brookings Institute, pontificating on globalism.

This is the sum of his deep wisdom:  “The whole history of the world is basically the definition of who is us, and who is them, and the question of whether we should all live under the same set of rules.”  Good God, what a moron.

It’s actually quite simple, but apparently a mystery to Billy Jeff.  “We” are Americans, and “they” are not.  We have our rules, and if anyone else in the world wants to adopt them, they’re free to do it.  But if they’ve got their own set of rules, such a sharia law, that’s their business.  Attempts to unite the world under one set of rules always fail, and almost always are steeped in blood.

The Moslems hate us for our rules, and would rather die than adopt them.  They are a rigid patriarchal society, and we celebrate the equality of women.  We’re not a matriarchy, but we have tendencies.  Thus we are the Great Satan.  At the very core, the essence, of Islam is the absolute authority of the husband over his family.  This is the basis of their culture, and their entire way of looking at the world.  The family is the basic unit of a society, and a nation’s family values are its values.  Islam cannot tolerate the equality of women.  It would undermine their families, and their culture would collapse.

The true equality of women is only found in countries that feature the Absolute Nuclear Family.(ANF).  We got it from the English, who got it from the Germans.  Tacitus describes it in the German tribes 2,000 years ago.  The center piece of the ANF is a woman’s right to choose.  Her body is her own.  She can choose to give herself to a husband, or not.  It’s up to her.  And when she does marry she is not subject to anyone’s control.  Her husband’s family has no control, and she and her husband will not control their children when they marry.  It’s a culture of liberty and women’s rights.  The two go hand in hand.

These are “The Origins of English Individualism“, as set out by British historian and sociologist Alan Macfarlane.    Because the English had the Absolute Nuclear Family, their women were free to choose.  As a result, as many as 20% of women never married, and those that did married late.  Marriage at 25 was the norm.

This is the family structure that came to Jamestown and Plymouth, and it is ours today.  It’s responsible for our success in populating this continent.  Because, in the ANF, each married couple was expected to set up their own household, apart and independent from their parents.  This is difficult in settled societies, but it was easy in early America.  There was land, everywhere, and these colonial families averaged nine or ten children, knowing that there would be new lands for them to settle.  America and the Absolute Nuclear Family were made for each other.

But it’s not for everybody, it’s incompatible with Islam, and the world would be a lot better off if fools like Bill Clinton didn’t go around telling everyone we’ve all got to live by the same set of rules.

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